Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November....Month of Giving Part 3

Happy early Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope that on Thanksgiving you enjoy the great food and Gobble 'til ya Wobble!

For Part 3 of a Month of Giving I have a few more freebies to share with you!
The first Freebie comes from Burke's Special Kids. She has some great stuff for little one. Here freebie is a math puzzle that the little ones will enjoy putting together. I can see how this would be a great addition to a math center for sure!
Freebie Broken Hearts Number Center for Kindergarten

The next FREEBIE comes from Linda Nelson from Primary Inspiration! Perfect for CCSS 1.MD.C.4! Tallies can be so tricky for the firsties!  I also came across a paid product that is jam packed with math games on a hundred chart!

Tallies & Graphs: Collecting Class Data

The final FREEBIE  for today is from Neetu Pinkerton of Cinnamon's Synonyms. 

Are you frustrated, irate, or enraged with the lack of descriptive words that your students use? (See what I did there?) This FREEBIE is all about descriptive words and offers a visual understanding for students. What a GREAT FREE resource for a writing center!
Adjectives: Shades of Meaning for "Angry"

Enjoy the FREEBIES and enjoy your holiday weekend!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November....Month of Giving - Part 2


It is that time again....going to share another great freebie with you from a fellow TPT'er, Kelly Mallory! Let me tell you, she knows her math stuff! She is a former middle school math teacher turned elementary teacher. She know what students need to be successful in middle school.

Check out this Multiplication freebie from Kelly!Wanted - Missing Factors Multiplication Freebie

She has some really great ideas! You can keep up with her creativity on Facebook by clicking below!

Here is one of her paid products that I thought was GREAT! Multiplication Fact Fluency Program - Kicking It Math     
If you like what you see, send her a tweet @kellys3ps! You know teachers love mail...we also love TWEETS!

I like her style!

More freebies coming soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November...the month for Giving!


I am honored to be a part of group of fellow creative men and women who just love creating materials for teachers. This month I would like to share some of the wonderful things out there with you the spirit of giving!

Check out these AWESOME FREEEEEEEEEEE Multi-Step Constructed Response Decimal Tasks cards!

I love that it is seasonal so kids will love it AND it comes with everything you need to engage students! I imagine this would make for a great partner or group activity. Imagine the conversations your students could have!

Multi-step Constructed Response Decimal Task Cards for Hol

Click on the cover of the item to go get it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!

April has an amazing blog you can visit here. I am in love with her love with the book report mobiles she has posted on her blog! She even has pictures posted of student samples. They are impressive!

She has some great ideas! Look what else I found!

Even more GREAT stuff for engaging students!Project Based Learning: Plan a Holiday Party - Apply Math
This is a paid product but soooooooooooooo worth it!

Take it from me...these are some Rockin' resources! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Here is a tip....QTIP

Last week I had the privilege to attend the 2014 AMLE conference in Nashville, Tennessee. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much. In fact, I am still going through my notes and researching all of the amazing things I learned. I saw Dave Burgess, the author of Teach Like a Pirate, Kim Campbell, the creator of the SOAR program, Grace Dearborn, and many more. I walked away so very motivated to share the strategies that I learned and to also incorporate things into my role as an Instructional Specialist.

Some of the great sayings I noted were....

  • "If the butt goes numb, the brain goes dumb!" - Kim Campbell
  • "Find something more to be concerned about then a test score." - Dave Burgess
  • "It's not supposed to be easy [teaching], it is supposed to be worth it!" - Dave Burgess
Another thing that I heard, not from a session that I attended, but from the recap from one of my colleagues was this..... QTIP.


This has been rolling through my mind all night. I think that this is something that needs to be put out there. 


I recently overheard a conversation about students being tardy or absent. After listening for what seemed like a long time, it hit me! The anger and annoyance were fueled by her taking it personally that students are absent or tardy. It is so bizarre to me to hear teachers be upset with children.....CHILDREN....when they are tardy or absent. Why not just value the the time you have with that student? Why not make the most of that time with that student? Kids don't want to be is out of their control!

I beg of you....if this post makes you think....GREAT....if you know someone who needs the tip QTIP, give it to them. 

Next time a child walks into a classroom late, greet them with a smile, tell them you are so glad to see them. Make their day, make them smile, make them feel safe!