Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 3 in 2nd Grade.....Fantastic Friday!

FRIDAY!!!! Today topped yesterday! These kids are amazing. They are capable of so much! And I'm singing.."Ain't no stopping us now...!"

We started the morning with another word problem! Woo- woot for word problems! Here are some samples of their work...and one of the problems I gave them:

So we might need to work on a little grammar as you can see, but I will be sure to sneak that in while writing our sentences for our word problems. I was so impressed by their use of the Part-Part-Whole model!

One of the things that we did during reading was to revisit the Collective Nouns page in our Reading Notebooks. We listed so many collective nouns: team, pack, batch, bunch, choir, band and so on! They really got the hang of it and now have a nice page in their notebook to refer to when needed!
Here you can see the superstar student who decided to challenge himself and put two...YES....TWO collective nouns in one sentence! Oh la la!

Another GREAT sample from a student! I was so impressed that the student used A LOT as TWO words! SCORE!!!!!

We also had a chance to revisit our Math in Our World Anchor Chart and THEY DID IT! They found math in their world! We talked about all of the math qualities that remotes have like how you have to know numbers, know how to order numbers to move up or down on a menu, and they even discovered shapes with meaning on the remote as well. We also talked about time and money! Oh boy, oh boy....slowly but surely we are seeing math all around us!

Today we started our journey of writing our personal narrative with an anchor chart and brainstorming! I modeled and said my thoughts out loud for brainstorming ideas for writing. They thought I was goofy while talking about how my dog jumped a fence and ran away from a pet resort, but I know it was the key to getting the results they achieved!
Looks like she might write about her mother's friend moving in with them!
I'm going to bet this has something to do with the Ninja Turtles! I can also see he is thinking about writing about his trampoline,  his new game, or going swimming! 

Looks like someone had a birthday party they want to write about or maybe the arrival of a baby sister!  This is amazing work!  Our anchor chart below!

Second graders are amazing beings! They build me up by telling me how wonderful my artistic skills are...too funny!

While they were brainstorming today I pulled up iTunes radio on the iPad and played classical music. You could have heard a pin drop (if the music was off) get the point. I swear the music was calming and helped them focus. I am going to experiment with this more often!

Well...the weekend is here! Whew! I made it! They made it! WE made it!

I hear that their is an interview on Monday. Fingers crossed that the principal is able to find someone to be the teacher for these amazing kiddos! Secretly....I admit, I won't be disappointed to be able to stay longer. I am learning so much about them and how they learn. It will be hard to leave and let go. I am thinking I will have to work a deal with their new teacher so that I can be a guest reader or something! I can't just walk away.

I am looking forward to the week ahead! Go Roadrunners!!!!!!


  1. Wow, you really jumped in with your kiddies! I can feel your enthusiasm through you post so I'm sure the kids feed off of it as well! You have really cool anchor charts!!!! Wish I could be that neat (or draw more than a stick figure, lol!) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Where did you get the Brainstorming worksheet? Would love to use it this week.

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