Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm just so darn proud!


Today I was a part of a team that presented to the site-based coaches in our school district. I just have to tell you that I am so in love with what I do in  the world of education! I feel honored to be a part of a group that gets to present to the coaches. I remember not so long ago that I was one of the coaches attending the trainings. Today we examined our True Colors and managed to totally surprise a few of the new coaches as we pulled off a skit playing the roles of the colors. We also talked about teamwork and did a team building activity. If you want a great activity check out YouTube and look for helium hula-hoop. A crowd pleaser and totally works!

My colleague, Andrea, presented on algebraic thinking and focused on 1.OA.D.7, the only standard in any grade that focuses on the equal sign. It was mind blowing! We had the chance to visit the class that I taught for the first three weeks of school and interview 2nd graders to see their understanding of the equal sign. It was shocking. Of the 8 students, only 2 were able to answer the questions in a manner that we knew they understood the meaning of the equal sign. The videos we were able to take of the students really showed the coaches how one standard and the misunderstanding of it, can totally effect learning.

In honor of this standard, I am offering my S'more About the Equal Sign Math Center for FREE for the next 24 hours! If you download it, I would love to hear your feedback, so please take a moment to leave a comment. You can access it here!

I am working on creating even more versions of this center for the older grades to reiterate the importance of the equal sign!


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